April 10, 2012

Call to Order: 6:37 pm

Attendee’s:  David Martin, Diane Szuberla, Alan Wellman, Penny Perles, Noreen LaValle, Mary Jane Matecki, John Morrison, Ruta Veitmanis

Minutes:  The March 13 minutes were approved by a motion made by Noreen LaValle, second from Diane Szuberla.

Treasurer:  March cash receipts and disbursements were presented by Noreen.  It was noted that expenses for the March concert were included in the report, ticket sales were not.  Reports were approved by a motion made by Mary Jane Matecki, second by John Morrison.

Current budget status was also reviewed.  We are currently under budget with one more concert to go.    It was also noted that the donation envelopes distributed at the March concert yielded 104.00 so far

Corresponding Secretary:  Nothing to report

Artistic Director:  Nothing to report

Promotions:  Diane reviewed the March concert report.  Penny needs to update Geoff to update our website.

Advertising Committee:  Nothing to report

Development Committee:  It was reported that Martha will take over some of the publicity for the group.  Mary Jane talked about the need to do another fundraiser given the state of our current budget.  Next year we will be focusing on corporate donations.  Alan feels we should not be doing any new fundraising during the rest of this season.  Looking towards the future, we should be trimming budget expenses instead.  Expenses to be covered by ticket sales and dues.  Maybe cut out a concert.  It was concluded not to do any additional fundraising for June.

Submitted in part by Chris Stukel
David Martin stated that we have received several possible new member inquiries from our website.  One of the people already attended last week’s rehearsal.
Penny sent in the list of participants to the World Choir Games.
•     Penny submitted Alan’s choice of women’s concert attire for next season: Georgette Dress #8650 and Amadeus Jacket #8718.  The total cost of the dress, jacket, sequins addition and hemming will be $159.00.  The board will try to cover part of the cost and only charge members $135.00.  The proceeds from the June concert bake sales will be used for this purpose.  Mary Jane Matecki made a motion to approve this concert attire choice and payment proposal.  Noreen LaValle seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  Jane Peterson will prepare a brochure to inform the members about this decision.  We will also inform our June concert audience about the new attire and provide donation envelopes in case anyone would like to donate.
•     We have CDs of our December and March concerts, but these can be used by members only.  David Martin will make copies for members at a cost of $5.00. 
•     Our participation in the Des Plaines Summer Fling has been cancelled due to lack of interest.  Unfortunately this event was the same weekend as the World Choir Games.
•     Penny stated that our donor appreciation reception after the March concert was a rousing success.  She thanked everyone who helped with the event.
•     The Vision/Mission committee will meet next Tuesday before rehearsal.
Noreen will head the Nominating Committee and ask for help from the general membership.
The Stearns Music Institute at Ravinia is giving free concerts Sunday, 7/29 at 2:00 PM, and Thursday, 8/2 at 5:45 PM. 
Our next Board Meeting will be May 8, 2012, 6:30 PM, before rehearsal at St. Martin’s.

The Board Meeting was adjourned at 7:33 PM by a motion from Noreen LaValle and a second from Mary Jane Matecki.  The motion passed.

Ruta Veitmanis
Recording Secretary
Northwest Choral Society