From the Northwest Choral Society Mission Statement

If you are a bass, tenor, alto, or soprano with previous choral experience, don’t miss the opportunity to be part of Northwest Choral Society. Because of our smaller size (about 50 members), you’ll see familiar faces each week, and find us friendly, supportive, and fun. We do like to party now and then. The varied repertoire that we sing has become one of the hallmarks of our group!

During each season, we perform a variety of sacred and secular, classical and popular music. Our pianist, Lori Lyn Mackie, accompanies our December and June concerts and an ensemble of Chicago’s finest professional musicians usually accompanies our March concert. In the last several years our chorus members have sharpened their singing skills by participating in music education workshops sponsored by the NWCS and open to the public. Topics from recent workshops have included proper breathing habits, good diction and vowel formation, freedom from vocal tension, music score-reading skills, and principles of musicianship.

Through a group like the Northwest Choral Society, adults can enjoy the personal growth and satisfaction that comes from active participation in a performing arts organization. In today’s world, music plays a substantial part in filling the “void” that many people seem to experience in their lives. Whatever your walk in life, if you enjoy four-part choral music and would like an opportunity to sing with others who do, Northwest Choral Society has a place just for you! Come and see what we are all about.